SILO Additives SRL, a joint venture

SILO Additives is a joint-venture of Wenemco BV and SILO SPA


SILO Additives SRL, everything well organized

Wenemco BV and SILO SPA are working in synergy together to follow up the exact needs of the client


SILO Additives SRL, a unique player

SILO Additives has a range of acidifiers based on the monoglyceride of butyric acid. This new molecule is worldwide patented.



SILO Additives SRL, quality in mind

Our production and quality control is GMP+HACCP and Q&S certified


SILO Additives SRL, a global player

SILO Additives SRL has many representatives worldwide. We deliver our products globally. For more information, please contact us.


SILO Additives SRL, at your service!


We look forward serving you now and in the future because your animals are worth it!



The joint venture


Glycerides of Butyric acid

Glycerides of Lauric acid

Glycerides of fatty acids combinations

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